South Dakota War Stories


South Dakota War Stories

Protecting America’s Freedom

Table of Contents

Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery in South Dakota .

The Conclusion of the Indian Wars in South Dakota .

The Dakota Territory Cavalry Companies for service in the U.S. Civil War 1861 to 1865.

South Dakota National Guard, Birth of the South Dakota National Guard.

Early Railroad Development in the Black Hills.

Fort Meade Historic Army Post in the western Dakotas.

South Dakota National Guard, 1889-Statehood.

South Dakota National Guard, 1893-the Guard is Renumbered .

South Dakota National Guard, 1898-The Spanish-American War.

South Dakota State Soldier’s (1886 to 2012) Veteran’s Home, Hot Springs, South Dakota’

Spanish American War (1898 to 1902), South Dakota Volunteers, 1st South Dakota Volunteer

Infantry Regiment and 3rd United States Volunteer Cavalry Regiment .

Camp Rapid, South Dakota National Guard.

Battle Mountain Sanitarium, Department of Veterans Medical Center, Hot Springs, South Dakota.

Armored Cruiser USS South Dakota.

Renold Schat, World War I U.S. Army experience in France on the Western Front.

South Dakota National Guard Service on the US-Mexico Border in 1916.

The US Army’s 1916 Punitive Expedition, The hunt for Poncho Villa. Fourth South Dakota Infantry

South Dakota National Guard, World War I.

Stratobowl Balloon Launches, The United States Race into Space with the Soviet Union.

Mely Rahn, A girl remembers the Nazi occupation of France during World War II.

Sonja Cody, A girl remembers the London Blitz.

Claire Peterson, A Civilian Conservation Corps recruit looks back on a Black Hills experience.

South Dakota National Guard, World War II Pacific Theater of Operations.

South Dakota National Guard, World War II European Theater of Operations.

Black Hills Ordnance Depot, Edgemont, South Dakota.

John Burnfin, Fire Chief, US Naval Air Station, Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 7 December 1941.

Stan Lieberman, Remembering the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941.

Victor Weidensee, 3rd Air Commando Group.

Tom McDill, Survivor of Bataan during World War II.

World War II Rationing in South Dakota.

Luverne ‘Vern’ A. Kramer, Civil Air Patrol hunting German U-boats off the U.S. East Coast.

Rextroat Ola, Women Air Force Service Pilots in World War II.

History of Ellsworth Air Force Base.

North Bombing Range World War II, Support for training operations at Rapid City Army Air Base.

Clarence Carsner, 34th Infantry Division, 109th Engineer Regiment, Combat duty in North Africa

and Italy, World War II.

Marion J. Larkin, Boeing B-17s in North Africa.

Clair Patterson, DD USS McGowan, Pacific Combat.

Joe Foss, United States Marine Corps, Fighter Ace over Guadalcanal.

Lt. Col. Don Wicker, USAF (Ret.), World War II to the Cold War.

Edwin Petranke, Four-Time Purple Heart Recipient, 36th Infantry Division, World War II.

Gordon Lease, United States Coast Guard, 1943 Salerno amphibious operation.

Joseph Munro, WWII Lt. J.G., USS Shelton (DE-407) and USS Ray K. Edwards (APD-96).

Arthur T. Jansen, United States Marine Corps, WWII Pacific Combat.

Jerry Teachout, United States Army Air Corps.

Harry Nollsch, US Army 3rd Infantry Division-North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Southern France

and Germany.

Charles Gerlach, Capture of U-515 in the North Atlantic.

George W. Larson, A Seabee’s Story, Tinian and Okinawa, 1944-1945.

Had Taylor, German Prisoner of War, Stalag 17, Krems, Austria.

Lt. Commander, John C. Waldron, USS Hornet, the Battle of Midway, May 1942.

Thomas K. Oliver, B-24 down over Yugoslavia, May 1944.

Operation Frantic, Eighth Air Force shuttle bombing missions of Germany from England to Russia and back. Peter Dahlberg, U.S. Army WWII, The Bridge at Remagen.

Dean Shaffhausen, Amphibious Group Nine, Leyte Gulf.

Gordon Lease, World War II Coast Guardsman.

Harold Jansen, US Navy, World War II .

World War II Consolidated B-24E Liberator Training Crash, Meadow, South Dakota.

Japanese balloon firebombing attacks against the United States, and South Dakota during World War II.

Personal look at the Battle of the Bulge, Three South Dakota veterans recall the historic battle

Paul Priest, Bridging the Rhine at Remagen.

Gale Holbrook, 96th United States Naval Construction Battalion, Philippines and China.

Carl Anderson, A personal View of the United States Occupation of Japan after World War II.

114th Fighter Wing, South Dakota Air National Guard, Joe Foss Field, Sioux Falls,

South Dakota.

Weaver Air Force Base B-29s deploy to Europe in support of the Berlin Airlift, SAC forward

deploys its atomic capable bombers.

South Dakota National Guard, 1950 to 1953, Korean War.

Colonel Dale Friend, USA (Ret.), Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Disputing myths about the US military in the Vietnam War.

Gerald (Jerry) Teachout, Focus on Korea, 1951.

R.A. Jacobsen, Prisoner of War (POW) Riots by North Korean and Communist Chinese Prisoners during the Korean War.

Raleigh H. Watson, Jr., Convair B-36, 77th Bomb Squadron, 28th Bomb Wing, Ellsworth

Air Force Base Electronic Countermeasures Mechanic.

How Ellsworth Air Force Base got its Name.

Ralph Whitaker, B-36 crewman, Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Matador Cruise Missile, South Dakota Missileers in America’s First Nuclear

Ground-to-Ground Guided Missile.

Titan I Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

MSgt Robert O’Daniel, U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force, 54th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, Air Defense Command- Clear, Alaska and Operation New Life, Wake Island.

First Lieutenant Charlie Piper, USAF (Ret.), F-86D Pilot, 54th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota .

Minuteman I and II Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles at Ellsworth Air Force.

South Dakota National Guard, The Berlin Blockade and resulting international crisis.

MSgt. Robert O’Daniel, Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station (BMEWS), Clear, Alaska.

Gerald Teachout, USAF Ret., Air Force Pilot in Vietnam, 1964.

USS Proteus, Cold War Nuclear Submarine Ballistic Missile Tender, Apra Harbor, Guam.

Alan B. Walker, May 28, 1968 Foxtrot Ridge” South Vietnam .

Mark St. Pierre, December 1968, Operation Fayette Canyon.

Dean Muehlberg, US Army, REMF War Stories: 17th CAG-Nha Trang, Vietnam-1969.

William L. Walker, US Army, Sketch of my daily life in Vietnam.

Donald R. Smith, World War II, Korea War and Vietnam War, Airmen’s Career covers 32-years.

South Dakota National Guard, Rapid City Flood-June 1972.

Linebacker II, The end of the Vietnam War.

South Dakota National Guard, Service during the Vietnam War.

The Capture of South Vietnam by North Vietnamese Forces, The end of America’s

10,000-day war in Southeast Asia .

Review of Operation New Life on Wake Island, Report prepared for Commander Naval

Forces Guam.

Airmen Bring New Life to South Vietnamese Refugees on Wake Island.

Pacific Backwater comes to Life again, Wake Island, “Operation New Life.”

Refugee Business Rewards with Memories, Wake Island, “Operation New Life.”

Lucky Rains, Hard Work, Mark Early Success, Wake Island, “Operation New Life.”

Wake Island Reviewed, “Operation New Life.”

Second Honor Roll Listed, “Operation New Life,” for 15th Air Force Personnel.

B-52Ds in the Defense of the Republic of South Korea.

B-52 Stratofortress Reconnaissance Missions during the Iran-Iraq War, “Operation

Busy Observer.”

South Dakota National Guard, “Operation Desert Storm.”

A Unique View of the “Cold War” between the United States and Soviet Union, After the

tearing down of the Berlin Wall and fall of the “Evil Empire.”

South Dakota National Guard, Spencer Tornado of May 30, 1998.

South Dakota National Guard, Oglala Tornado of 1999 .

South Dakota Veterans War Memorial at Pierre, South Dakota.

South Dakota National Guard-Jasper, Flagpole and Maitland Fires (2000).

South Dakota National Guard, “Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan.”

South Dakota National Guard, “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

South Dakota National Guard, “Operation Noble Eagle.”

South Dakota National Guard, “Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan,” To War in

Southwest Asia.

South Dakota National Guard Goes to War to Protect America, March 19, 2003.

Major Bob Liebman, B-1B Weapons Officer, Combat Southwest Asia, 28th Bomb Wing.

Senior Airmen James Pyeatt, 28th Munitions Squadron, B-1Bs in Southwest Asia.

SSgt. Ryan Walker, 34th Maintenance Squadron, 28th Bomb Wing, B-1Bs in Southwest Asia.

Major Brian (Sea Bass) Witkowsky, 34th Bomb Squadron, 28th Bomb Wing, B-1Bs in Southwest Asia.

Lieutenant Colonel Lucien Case, Chief of Plans, 28th Bomb Wing, Operations Group.

Major Eric Upton, 37th Expeditionary Controller Squadron, 28th Bomb Wing .

South Dakota Army National Guard in Afghanistan, Lt. Col. John P. Weber, Commander,

South Dakota Embedded Training Team .

South Dakota Air and Space Museum, Berlin Airlift Memorial Dedicated (October 3, 2008).

Battleship USS Arizona Memorial, Preservation Project, A South Dakota School of Mines

engineering contribution.

South Dakota National Guard, January 2010 Blizzard Relief.

South Dakota National Guard, James River Flood Support.

Operation Odyssey Dawn, 28th Bomb Wing, “B-1Bs over Libya.”

South Dakota National Guard, Missouri River Flood, May 2011.

South Dakota National Guard, The End of the War in Iraq.

175 Years of Serving the United States, Celebration of the US Army National Guard, Birthday Celebration of the South Dakota National Guard, 1862 to 2012.

Visit to Camp Rapid to Celebrate 150 years of National Guard History.

South Dakota National Guard, 2012: Countdown to Withdrawal from Afghanistan.

SSN 790 South Dakota: The third U.S. Navy warship named for South Dakota.