Member Health Updates

Updates on several of our veterans
(Details may change hour to hour, day to day)

March 15, 2017 (Ray and Josephine Cowdery)

Just wanted to let you know that both Chuck and Grace have left Rehab and are back home.  

Their recovery has been remarkable.  Chuck has lost nearly 20 pounds and -with the help of daughter Candy- is getting the new food intake rules related to his diabetes under control.  He is happy about the weight loss but frustrated about his speech not being 100% yet.  Grace is chatty as ever and very upbeat.  She is moving around well with her walker.  

March 11, 2017 (Gary Vollmer)

Deanna and I were up to the Rehab Hospital this afternoon to visit with Grace Childs.  She appears to be recovering from her stroke in fine fashion, is walking with her walker and cane and is getting back good use of her arms and hands as well.  Her speech is fine.  Her good humor and attitude...great!  She is to be sent home on the 17th if there are no setbacks.

Chuck is already at home.  Chuck and Grace were occupying the same room at the Rehab Center!  We went to their apartment to visit him after visiting with Grace.  He is walking the hallway every day and sees great improvement in his physical strength.  His problem was determined to be low blood sugar...he is now taking meds for diabetes and being strict with his diet.  He is all smiles, but also seems to be a little down.  I told him I would take pick him up for Thursday morning coffee if he wanted to go....he said he was not ready for that yet. We are thinking his life will brighten up when he gets Grace back home!  He is getting great care from his daughter, Candy, here from Minnesota...a very nice lady.

Both Grace and Chuck have great praise for the care provided at the Regional Rehab Center.

February 28, 2017 (Ray and Josephine Cowdery)

Remarkable comebacks to report!  Attached is a photo of Chuck and Grace, enjoying breakfast together yesterday morning in room 224 in the Rehab section of Rapid City Regional!  We visited yesterday afternoon and there was mention that Chuck might be discharged on 8 March.  Grace is responding well to therapy and is moving her right arm and leg well.  Her speech is back 100%.

We also stopped by in Reiny’s room and he will probably be discharged before the weekend!

February 28, 2017 (Ray and Josephine Cowdery)

Just got off the phone with Joyce Wernisch. Reiny has been moved out of ICU to room 605 at Rapid City Regional.  He is feeling better, walking around and would enjoy visitors when anybody is in the neighborhood.

Grace Childs was moved out of ICU this afternoon and now shares room 224 with Chuck in the Rehab section of Rapid City Regional.  Chuck requested no visitors today and tomorrow as he would like Grace to rest, adjust to the new situation and rehab.  He was quite adamant about it and seemed worried that people might pop-in while he was away from the room for rehab.   One of their daughters remarked that while some things were not quite back to 100% since his sky-high blood sugar troubles of last week, he did not lose his ‘wanting to be in control characteristic’!

February 28, 2017 (Bill Casper)


I just got the news that Ed Boyd, (100), passed away about 1:00AM this morning. B-25 nav/bomb. I just talked with Ed Boyd's wife Laura; they used to be our neighbors until moving into West Hills and she said that after eating dinner last evening his condition started to deteriorate and about 1:00AM his heart gave out.  Funeral arrangements will be forth coming when his son arrives.


A tough month! Seven have passed so far.

February 27, 2017 (Bill Casper)

Sue and I stopped in to see Chuck this afternoon on the way home from Orlin Winkowitsch's internment at Blk Hills Natl. Cem. Chuck is doing well and says to tell everyone that his visiting hours are after three thirty (much physical therapy).  Connie/Candy left for home and took the first load of their processions with her back to Minn. Chuck will continue the process when he gets out of rehab. Volunteers.

We wheeled him over to see Grace and she is making progress also. She could wiggle her toes and move her fingers a bit on her right side. She was hoping to be moved out of the ICU unit tomorrow.  Maybe they'll end up in rehab together! Chuck is very positive about the move in light of what happened to Grace. Of course he is already making plans about what he intends to do when they move.

Reiny wasn't having visitors while we were there.

February 26, 2017 (Richard Lake)

Jackie and I just had a nice visit with Chuck. Seems to be doing very well. His blood sugars are down to a normal range, and he’s been able to walk. Looks and sounds well and is in good spirits. Grace is recovering from her stroke; she was visiting Chuck in rehab when it happened so she got that critical shot in time.


He’s highly motivated to learn how to manage his diabetes as one of his new goals is to live to 100. He’s already talking about organizing a speaker’s group when he gets to MN, and has many things he wants to do yet.

February 24, 2017 (Ray and Josephine Cowdery)

Chuck and Grace Childs have had recent medical setbacks.  Both are now in Regional Hospital, with Chuck in Rehab and Grace in ICU.  Both have agreed that

Assisted Living will be the best, so within the month, possibly right away, they will be relocating to Storden in southwest Minnesota, where their daughters live.  Their wedding was on July 4, 1942.

February 21, 2017 (Bill Casper)

John Gaston, P-51 pilot and his daughter Harmony have moved to Alabama to be closer to family. We were lucky to have had a chance to get to know and hear John's story.

Harold Jansen is in Hospice at Ft. Meade, room 113 and Betty said that it probably will be permanent. As Betty can't make it up there on a daily schedule, Harold would like visitors.

Ed Boyd, B-25 bomb./nav. has been moved into the health care center at West Hills village. He is getting weaker, but I told him yesterday that he needs to come to the luncheon in May. He turns 101 on March 17th. Ed would like visitors.

Chuck Childs is at Regional hospital. He is very weak in the extremities and probably will go from there to a rehab hospital until he can get his strength back. I told him this morning that he is now a private, not a Lt. Col. anymore as he was trying to give the nurses orders, etc. this morning when I was up there. He is looking for visitors.

Orlin Winkowitsch died yesterday afternoon on the way to Hospice. He fell a couple of weeks ago while out chipping ice and broke his hip. The surgery was successful, but his wife said that his health declined and so she moved to put him in hospice. Sadly he died as he got there. The funeral will be Monday morning at the Methodist Church in Wall as Orlin was an old rancher from north of Wall.

Harold Hodges, Honor Flight 2010, died last Saturday. Viewing 5:00PM - 7:00PM, Thursday with funeral Feb. 24th at the Kirk Funeral Home.

So, along with John Wilkinson's funeral last Friday, it's been a tough couple of weeks!